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Financial Growth.
Social Responsibility.

An Unparalleled Opportunity

GWSRIF is the only autonomous , ESG-focused undergraduate investment fund at The George Washington University. We bring the best and brightest students together to invest in financially promising, socially responsible public companies.

Our members evaluate the policies of publicly traded companies based on a set of parameters detailing social responsibility, and to analyze their financial status in order to select and maintain a socially and ethically responsible investment portfolio. All members of the fund develop investment theses based on long-term projected financial growth and industry-leading commitments to broader stakeholder objectives. In the long term, the group is to donate their profits back to the GWSB as an academic scholarship.

The fund aims to teach its members applicable career skills including portfolio management, financial statement analysis, social responsibility analysis, sector research skills, and the basics of investment pitches. By focusing on these tangible skills and active learning, GWSRIF aims to prepare its members for rigorous professional opportunities.

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